Titanic Review

Undoubtedly, James Cameron’s movie, Titanic is regarded as one of the best pieces of work in the 20th century. Starring renowned actors like Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio, Cameron presents his viewers with an amalgamate of romance, division in social class, conflict, as well as tragedy. The inclusion of such diversity in the film avoids boredom or rather monotony. Playing as Jack Dawson, Dicaprio is painted as a con artist, who maneuvers his way through gambling and stealing from his opponents.

On the other hand, Rose comes from a respected background, but due to financial problems, she is to be wed to Cal Hockey, a wealthy man. Notably, it is a representation of a typical situation in real life, where women are merely regarded as objects. Gender inequality is one of the pertinent issues that have been in existence since time immemorial and Cameron’s prowess is demonstrated in how he delivers this message.


As an advocate and promoter of feminist ideologies, Titanic does well to cover certain issues that women faced and still are facing in the society. It can be viewed as, for keen viewers, an eye-opener seeking to institute societal reforms. When watching the film, one can identify, through facial expressions and mood, that Rose is not happy with Cal. She is not as lively with him, as she is when she is with Jack. Although he is a con man, Jack knows the value of treating a woman right; it can be argued that he is a representation of the voice of women in the society. From a critical point of view, Jack is more of an image portraying that gender equality is something that should be sought; it promotes the well-being of the society.


Among some of the key features that are associated with the Titanic is that it is a movie about the ship that sank, killing thousands of innocents lives. However, Cameron is able to make the movie more than just what most people would expect. Through his rather extensive skills, he is able to make the viewer not dwell on or anticipate the sinking of ship. The running around between Rose and Jack is what mostly catches the attention of the viewer. It is like he is sending a message that life is precious and it should be appreciated. Arguably, the love that Rose and Jack develop for each other over the short moment they interact with each other is reason enough to demonstrate the importance of life’s experiences. Presumably, Cameron wanted to present his viewers with the beauty of life before it comes to an end.


Importantly, the death of Jack is a symbol of the many lives lost during that fateful tragedy. It can be viewed as Cameron’s way of presenting the real picture of what occurred. In life, people lose their loved ones and they grieve for them, and after some time, they are able to move on. Titanic presents its viewers with a chance to accept that death is real and people can recover from the loss of a loved one. Life does not entirely come to a standstill when one looses their brother, sister, mother, or relative. The movie uniquely teaches about acceptance just like what Rose did. In overall and without discriminating against other important aspects, the Titanic is an interesting and captivating movie.