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PayMeToDoYourHomework quality

Despite the numerous challenges I encounter while striving to achieve my academic excellence, I have always tried to stay focused. Just a few months ago, I had a very rough time. As a result, I could not complete my assignments on time. Amid that difficulty, I discussed my predicament with my best college friend and he told me about online custom writing companies.

He advised me to try looking for one on the web to do my assignments for me. Time was moving so fast, and I decided to give it a try. In my search, I found Let me tell you what I found out about them in this review of PayMeToDoYourHomework.

Thrilling Hypes

Before having them do my precious assignment, I did some skimming to see what the company is all about. I realized that there are more than just custom writing services offered by the company and that the quality of their work is up there.

I was entirely convinced that professionals would tackle my paper and I would score very high marks. Some of the services advertised include online degrees, writing assignments, homework assignments, and MBAs. That is incredible work done by, I thought.


The Prices and Discounts

From the outlook, there is no possibility of telling whether the company overcharges its client or not. Why? There was no definite amount of fee indicated by the company for the services they offered. Instead, they mentioned the approximate amount of money that clients are likely to pay.

Their official website states that writing assignments start from $29 per page and the prices vary depending on the technicality of the work. Also, I tried to find a promo code and some coupon codes but couldn’t see any.

On the other hand, they had fixed prices. That means the company does not offer any discounts to their clients.  However, since time was moving so fast and I needed my assignments done, I decided to try them out.


Pathetic Writing Skills

Seeing that Pay Me To Do Your Homework promised to have my paper completed within 24 hours and that it would be of the best quality, I had all the reasons to sit down and relax.

They promised that my assignment would take very few hours. After completing my writing, they delivered it back to me. I was so happy to have it on time. That was awesome, right? Not until I started going through the content.

After reading the paper, I could not believe what I saw in terms of quality. Despite adamantly stating that they would ensure the best quality, that is not what Pay Me To Do Your Homework delivered. My paper lacked substantial research, and it was obvious that the writer did not follow my instructions. The points were very shallow and had no proof.

I was so irritated that I decided to contact the support staff to ask for a revision of my work. Well, after I highlighted numerous issues with my paper, they promised to revise it. Was it any better? No! I decided to go through the customer reviews to see the kind of feedback given by other clients. Whoops! The bad reviews were all over the place. That is when I decided to do the paper on my own, despite being slightly overdue.

Nevertheless, I submitted the paper ten hours late. I gave some fake explanation to the lecturer who agreed to mark my paper. So, all in all, is not worth recommending.


I will give it a poor rating because, even after I asked them to review my work, it was still horrible. Maybe I was supposed to check the testimonials before using the services of this company. But luckily, you can learn from my experience and never use the services offered by