5 Cool Websites That You Can Actually Learn For Free


Technology has made it possible for students around the globe to actually study online. However, it is the online learning websites that should take the credit for ensuring more and more students get access to education. Benefits of online study are numerous as one can learn from anywhere around the globe at any time and a price he can afford and maintain all through.


It also allows you to learn at your own pace something most normal schools cannot allow. You are also allowed to study a number of subjects or courses, which helps you acquire diversified skills you can utilize in your life. In order to ensure many people acquire these skills from the many websites offering these services for free. The best free educational websites include:

  1. Academic earth

This study free website combines a number of courses from a number of schools like Stanford university, Harvard university, Columbia university, Comell university, New York university and Berklee collage of music among many others.This schools are made easy to access for students. The website also offers video games and playlists that offer sources to study free and other processes. The site also allows equal chances to everyone considering you can choose to be a teacher or a student.

  1. Khan Academy

If you are looking for a free website that offers learners a vast number of exercises, videos and learning dashboards you can use to learn at your own pace, then the answer is Khan Academy. Learning is offered in a variety of subjects that include: history, biology, economics and math among other subjects to students from the kindergarten level to professional levels. In order to deliver the best services the website has partners with technology institutions like MIT, NASA, The California Academy of Sciences and The Museum of Modern Art.

  1. Edx

This website also offers it services in conjunction with some of the world’s best universities. Their services are offered freely to anyone, whose only desire is to learn. The website offers a variety of service and has the necessary technology to support their existence. Even with the high number of students and courses it is known to offer.

  1. Udemy

This free website has an option being a teacher or a student and all services come free of charge. This website currently has over 8 million students and 32000 courses. Despite offering a number of beneficial services students have an option of customizing their activities.

  1. Coursera

This website partners with some of the world’s best institutions to offer the best academic services to students around the globe. It is considered by many as one of the best free learning websites in the world.

So far online education sites have been able to prove themselves by providing students with the best education. This is why, there is increased enrollment in these institutions, which can be attributed to free education and study offered. Online collages vs. schools competition is always in favor of online collages considering they offer a multitude of beneficial courses to students around the globe.