5 Elements Used to Define a Thesis Statement

You have probably heard of the term thesis statement, when it comes to essay writing, but do you really understand what a thesis statement is. It is considered the most important part of any essay writing as it shows the theme of the essay to the reader. A thesis statement is a single statement that holds all the major points of the essay and shows why the essay is important and worth reading. Without a strong thesis statement your essay is simply tasteless to the reader.



Any good thesis statement will always have an element of accuracy in the points an essay is trying to show and the relation in between. When a thesis statement is used to compare two things it should be able to fully clarify how the two things are the same or different. When it can’t do this it is simply considered vague. Therefore, a good thesis statement should be able to clearly and accurately prove that the two things it is talking about are clearly connected for it to be considered specific.


A good thesis statement should be able to alter and captivate a readers mind with an element of surprise in between. If a thesis statement focuses on expressing what a reader is familiar with or already knows, then it won’t have that much needed magical effect. However, do not try so hard to create an element of surprise in your thesis statement. Your reader should simply find the proof of the surprise you had in store after he has completed reading the essay.


A thesis statement cannot be just any statement, but a statement that works very hard to answer the question why? And it can only do this by explaining all the facts at hand and their relevance to the points being discussed. Remember a thesis statement should always be at hand to show why something is the way it is or why something is considered to be the way it is.


One way to fully understand what a thesis statement is to look at examples of how thesis statements look like. The best place to find examples of thesis statements is through essay examples. This way you can identify both good and bad thesis statements leading you to understand how to write good ones in the process.


Once you have answered the question, what is thesis statement that is when you can understand why it needs to offer clarity. The reader should be able to understand the thesis statement and he can only do so if the statement is clear on the point is trying to represent. It should be able to clearly align with the augment the essay is representing in the first place and remain so throughout for the reader to fully comprehend it.