5 Tips to Write a Creative Title for an Essay

A captivating title will always have a magical effect on your essay reader’s. It will be the first thing they see before they actually read your essay. Therefore, having one is always a near guarantee of success for your essay. These tips are helpful on how to title an essay.


Link your title to your thesis statement

The best place to derive a creative essay title is the thesis statement. Remember just as the title works to attract readers to your essay the thesis statement can have a similar effect. Therefore you can use either part of it or use it to develop a creative essay title that your readers will find captivating. It will also be in line with the essay.

Write your title last

The mistake most essay writers make is taking a lot of time deliberating on what their essay title should be. However, the best way to actually get a creative essay title is after you are done with the essay writing business. But to maintain your focus on the essay you will first of all need a working essay title to work with, which is subject to change once you are done with the writing. The process of writing always helps you see all the angles in your paper and can stimulate your creative imaginations that can actually help you come up with a creative title.

Make a daring promise

Any title that is to be considered creative needs to promise the reader that the essay is worth reading for him to be actually interested. Your title should simply be creative from the beginning use word such as adjectives that will describe a scenario that can captivate your reader. You, however, need to trust your abilities considering it not just a matter of promising something you well know you can’t fulfill, because the fate of your essay paper depends entirely on that.

Think outside the box

If you came up with a suitable essay title you need to think outside the box. Consider using the common ordinary essay title words with some twist or by adding extra ordinary wording to it. However, they should still be relevant to the essay you are writing. And not just mere words you thought were interesting. Exercise your creative mind and you will probably come up with something to use.

Use catchy phrases and words

Your title needs to be interesting, catchy phrases and popular words are the best short to achieving this. However, make sure you don’t go overboard in your bid to have a more creative title. It should relate to your essay.

One fact about essay titles is that most writers give little time in deliberating on them, which greatly undermines their importance. To come up with a creative essay you need to take your time and deliberate deeply only, then will you actually come up with a creative essay title.