7 Most Easy Steps Involved in the Writing Process

Academic writing has always been considered a relevant tool in preserving experiences by researchers and students. However, step by step guide for academic writing ensures that the targeted readers can understand it better and use it as intended. Here are steps in writing process you need to know.


  • Prewriting

This is considered the first step, where the student or the researcher is involved in series of group discussions to obtain information and ideas he will use in writing later.

  • Creating a Rough Draft

Once all ideas and data are obtained during prewriting, the student or the research puts them on paper, although they are not usually clear or organized enough.

  • Rough Draft Team Editing

This is mostly done with your colleagues or fellow students. This process is always productive as they add all the necessary inputs and suggestions to help improve on the quality of the rough draft you produced.

  • Revision of Rough Draft

This step involves the student or the researcher integrating all the inputs and suggestions acquired in the peer editing process into his draft.

  • Editing the Revised Draft

After revision it will no longer be a rough draft and at this point you will need your peers and teachers to help you with grammatical and sentencing errors that your draft may contain.

  • Create the Final Draft

After you have made all the necessary corrections in your draft, it is time to generate your final draft.

  • Publish Your Draft

This considered the last part in any writing process. In this step the student or researcher publishes his work in a soft copy online or can consider doing it in hard copy.

How to enhance writing skills in kids

The writing process for kids involves a number of parties that include classmates, teachers and parents considering it needs to be consistent and in steps. Parents play a very important role in developing a kids reading and writing skills. Daily reading and writing involving parents in different genres is one way to improve their writing skills.

In order to fully help nurture thinking process of kids, you need learn how to structure your sentences well. Children think in 6 different steps that include: knowledge where the kid remembers through words learned to get a picture of what you are asking. The next step is comprehension where he understands what a certain word says through materials. Application is the third step and it involves the kid utilizing information learned before.

Analysis involves examining a situation at hand and the synthesis process involves applying a previous knowledge to fully understand a present phenomenon. The last part is evaluation, which is always considered, when a situation needs deciding. How to teach kids how to write well should always utilize these steps.

These steps offer a very clear guideline in the writing process that you can use but the first 5 steps of the writing process are the basically the most important ones in writing.