10 Most Educative Books You Must Read Before Collage

Reading some books before collage is one of the most beneficial practices you can ever engage in. It has actually been identified to help in boosting your memory, stress elimination, vocabulary improvement and mental development. This article has identified some of the books to read before collage and they are listed as follows.


  1. Life after High School

This is considered one of the best books you should read before collage. This book is authored by Anne Murphy Paul offers one critical tool and guide to help you decide on joining collage or simply choosing a carrier path. To many it is a source of empowerment and enlightenment.

  1. Debt -Free U

Collage involves people of different social and economic backgrounds coming together. That is why this book by Zac Bissonette is also one of the good books to read collage students in order to learn how to go through collage without debts regardless of their economic backgrounds.

  1. How to Win at Collage

Collage life can be hard, but this does not mean you can’t succeed and this book is aimed at teaching you how. Written by Cal Newport this is another of the good books you should read before collage.

  1. The Great Gatsby

This book is more of an inspirational book to college students and therefore a must read. It helps them access and understand their capabilities. It also helps them put their pasts in check. Written by F.Scott Fitzgerald it is simply one of the best books for college students.

  1. 15 Good Things to do the Summer Before Collage

This book written by Lynn F. Jacobs and Jeremy S.Hyman is a better and helpful literature after high school. It helps you prepare psychologically for collage carrier or even a job after high school. This book is among the most helpful sources for high school students about to join collage.

  1. This Side of Paradise

This helps students get the picture of what awaits them in collage. It is authored by F.Scott Fitzgerald. It's written the way that helps easy understand all the main principles of college studying.

  1. A brave New World

Authored by Aldous Huxley this book is a source of inspiration to students by a story about the future world. It helps students seek individual happiness if they can’t find it collectively.

  1. The Art of Happiness

This book is authored by Dalai Lama and is aimed at helping student attain personal fulfillment and happiness. It is one of the books every college student should read before collage.

  1. The Power of Habit

The book helps students understand habits more and their implications both positively and negatively on one’s life.

  1. The Norwegian wood

The writer Haruki Murakami ensured that this book revolves around true love and friendship. It is among the best books collage students should read to appreciate friend ship and real life more.

These are actually books you must read through, although most students find this process tedious, but if you speed up reading the process is more enjoyable. The process to apply is called speed reading and it is achieved through reading rapidly and assimilating a number of words and phrases with each glance. There are methods to apply, which include Meta guiding and skimming.

By skimming you glance through texts in a book identifying the most important parts, while Meta guiding involves use of one finger to guide the eye leading you to focus on chosen words leading to increased reading speed.