How to Write a Cool Research Paper Conclusion Paragraph

In simple terms a conclusion simply signifies the end, however, in academic writing a conclusion paragraph is the very last statement that summarizes an argument being discussed. When it comes to writing conclusion paragraph students may actually find this task hard. But to learn how to write a conclusion paragraph they first need to know what a conclusion paragraph is.


It is defined as paragraph that truly shows the importance of your essay and summarizes the importance of the facts outlined in the essay. It also gives other writers a room to explore the stated facts in full. This article is the best place to get insights on how to write a conclusion that readers can marvel at. Here are tips you need to follow.

  • The first step you need to consider on how to write a conclusion is by indicating to the reader that you are actually transitioning from the body to the conclusion. The best way to do this is by joining it as a starting of a topic sentence that actually summarizes what you have discussed in the thesis statement.

  • A summary of essay body points is important in conclusion writing. It helps connect the conclusion to the point you have discussed avoiding scenarios, where you confuse your readers. It also helps them see what you researched its importance and the conclusion you reached giving room for further research in interested parties. The summary should be brief but full of suggestions and outcomes.

  • Always remember that the last sentence in your conclusion should always be positive. This is just to ensure readers are happy with the essay and for having read it. Make sure to stress the importance of the research findings and its importance and areas that it can be used.

  • In writing a conclusion there are certain grammatical errors you need to avoid. You should never write a conclusion with phrases like in summary and in conclusion. Also avoid making your conclusion paragraph sound like it is introducing a new topic. Your conclusion should always be in line with the essay you are writing.

  • The best way on how to write a conclusion sentence is to ensure that they are always in the perfect present tense and should be clear and direct. It should not be lengthy with unnecessary wordings that can confuse the reader.

  • Take your time to write your conclusion. Remember there won’t be any other writing to be done and readers tend to put more emphasis on conclusions and introductions.

  • In the event you are giving your own opinion in your conclusion paragraph, make sure that you don’t sound authoritative. Remember your essay should always focus on what you are discussing.

  • Although it is norm for most conclusions to offer solutions it’s sometimes wise to ask questions in your conclusion paragraph. Some solutions are just unnecessary, but be careful not to create new essay topics in the process.