How to Write a Winning Persuasive Speech: 5 Tips You Need to Follow

The main reason you give a persuasive speech is to convince people to have your back in a particular issue or follow you in something. Therefore, it has to have a moral, logical and emotional effect on your target audience. That is why, when writing a persuasive speech you need to have some sort of command to be taken seriously. By following these tips you can learn how to write a persuasive speech like a pro.


Plan what to write

Any persuasive speech writing process should always start with a plan. The plan should originate from the topic you want to write about and make sure to conduct a full proof research on it. However, you should not be rigid to only base your facts on the positives alone, because the negatives may also come in handy. This is especially for those in the audience that may not agree with your speech and you may actually need to accommodate them.

Organize your persuasive speech

In order to produce successful and good persuasive speeches they need to be organized in the first place. This always works to reduce episodes of confusion that may negatively impact on your speech. Make sure the points in your persuasive are arranged in a manner that the audience can understand your message easily. The speech should maintain a familiar theme with points to back it up. It should be on a subject the audience will understand either due to experience or familiarity.

Ensure accuracy

When writing a persuasive speech, ensure that you stay honest in every statement you make. Remember that you may be sometimes tempted to lie to achieve your objective, but it always ends badly. Focus on ensuring everything in your persuasive speech is truthful as much as possible and has the necessary supporting evidence. The speech should sound like an experience you have underwent and you are sharing it to the audience.

 Understand the audience

When giving persuasive speeches, they always seem like active discussions with the audience considering they always want to be involved. However, this is not the idea behind good persuasive speeches. Strong points and questions are some of the tricks you can use to engage your audience, however, you need to first understand them in the first place. Knowing your audience, helps you develop a concept they are familiar with something you can use to your advantage. This considering an audience familiar to your concept is easy to convince, than one that is not.

Dress smartly and practice your speech

You should always practice your speech over and over before you can actually give it peacefully. It helps you capture the major points, examples and all relevant points in the speech. It helps you also understand your speech better to the point you can actually give it off head something the audience will relate to authenticity. You should also ensure you are smartly dressed for the occasion as this helps with confidence an appeal.