The Best APA Samples For Paper Structure

With an APA outline sample students can come up with documents that are correctly written as per the required standards and guidelines. It represents proven ideas on how students can actually structure their title pages, cite the references they applied in their papers and even present statistics in various forms like figures and tables. In extreme cases, they can even come up with heading levels.


Students, who fully utilize the basic APA style guidelines can develop research proposals and in some cases of using APA, it can enhance a readers understanding of a specific study. These are the reasons why more students around the globe need to fully understand uses of APA and the potential benefit to their academic carriers. This is mostly encouraged in social sciences students. These are steps you need to follow to develop APA samples for papers.

  • Create a title page

This step involves students coming up with an APA sample title page. It is usually developed in the lower and upper case letters. Once you have created the page, you need to add your identity by writing your names in the line that follows. You will also need to add the name of your institution and that is done in the line that follows.

  • Run headers on the document

Running header should always be included as part of your paper structure. The simplest way to actually achieve this is by running the header to the left. This is followed by inserting a colon and the title of the paper, which should be in capital letters. When you are sure you have succeeded in running headers, place page numbers to the right, then apply running headers across all the pages that will appear on your paper.

  • Add an abstract

This is the step you add the abstract you had chosen to the document. It main role is to give an overview of what the research paper contains. In this step it is also recommended that you develop a research summary with a word count not exceeding 200 words.

  • Develop different levels of headings

When using the APA referencing mode, writers can use a maximum of five levels in headings. The first heading level bold centered and title case. The second level heading involves title cases that are justified. The third one involves a heading in lower case. The fourth level heading applies the same level as in three. The last level heading involves maintained italicization, but with no bolding of the text involved.

  • Add citations

The fifth step involves adding parenthetical citations. The name of the author and the year the work was produced should be published immediately after the text that paraphrases it. In case the authors name is in the sentence text, you need to include the year when the publication was published just after the name.

Add References

This is the last step and it includes publishing all the references you have used in your research paper. Also annotated bibliography examples APA is added to the document in terms of last pages. Remember all guidelines involved in citation of references is also included.