Write MLA Reference Page Like a Pro: 5 Tips To Guide You

MLA (Modern Language Association) in a study paper is used to create values that identify the various sources the paper used. Its citation format uses a simple, but shared parenthetical citations system for quoting sources.


Most cited lists come at the end of every paper and they serve to acknowledge that the sources exist and can be used and utilized by others.



Before you can start writing, first of all, you need to read through MLA format rules. One of the rules used in MLA format states that the reference page should always be written after the body of the essay. The same should be the case for any papers or associated endnotes. It should also be started on a new page while following the characters used in the body.

The general format

Understanding the rules of MLA format is the most reasonable thing you can do before starting to write anything. Any work that is quoted need to be in a double spaced page throughout, when writing the starting line of each entry should correspond to the left margin. An in the case it exceeds more than one line, the following lines must be indented by nearly half an inch from the margin. Remember, that all reference pages of the works quoted must start with the title work cited. This heading should always be written like the papers heading. This means it should have capital letters and placed in the center.

However, do not consider writing in thick ink and when italicized it should have quotation marks and be in large fonts and underlined.

In-text Citations

In text citation is one very important feature, when it comes to using MLA format style in your academic writing. This are mostly used to ensure that the sources used are well acknowledged. It also helps in differentiating cited work from your original work. You simply give credit where it is due to you and your sources by showing each individuals input.

Online sources

Writing a reference page in MLA for online sources you should always remember to give information that acknowledges the source and allow for the source to be identified and used once more. This is especially common for online sources that are involved in print sources. The quotations used should include the medium of publication and the period the references were accessed. In case you find difficulties locating a URL, always use the address given in the angle brackets just after the date.


In writing an MLA format reference page your entries need to be in alphabetical order in line with the author’s last name. According to MLA format rules with concert to entries, the authors name always comes first followed by the titles and then the publication information. This publication information includes the publishers, city of publication and the date of publication. The last part should be about the type of media. Before you start any writing this is the approved arrangement that you are required to follow.